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Garden Pallet Black

Garden Pallets are designed to keep pots off the ground and to facilitate safe and easy movement of pot plants with the Adjustable Hand Cart.

Available in Black and Terracotta, the Garden Pallets are 320mm in diameter with a 210mm opening for easy movement.


  • Garden Pallets keep pots off the ground. This allows roots to be air trimmed which prevents roots from growing into pavers or soil.
  • Garden Pallets keep bugs out of roots. Pots placed directly on to soil or pavers are havens for a variety of bugs that can damage plants.
  • Garden Pallets make it easy to hose under pots which keeps patios and paving free from contamination from potting soil and garden chemicals.
  • Garden Pallets make it easy to move heavy pot plants as required to suit the day, event or season.
  • Garden Pallets prevent back injuries sustained from lifting and only require one person to move heavy pots.

It is important that the base of pots are approximately 300mm or larger in diameter so that the Garden Pallets offer maximum support for the pots.